100% Premium Cotton

The Scratch Protector towel is made from a premium, low-twist, super-absorbent, 100% Cotton fiber. Its super soft, lint-free, and extremely durable. Our premium deep nap acts as a shield, providing extra surface protection from harmful particles, dirt and pollutants. The Scratch Protector brand offers an unmatched, superior level of protection for almost every surface.

100% Premium Cotton

Our Premium cotton is super-absorbent and extra soft, providing a high level of protection

Wash, Wax, Polish, etc…

Each 3-Pack includes 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue hemmed 12.5” x 12.5” premium towel, allowing you to use each color for a specific task: wash, wax, polish, etc…

Extra Soft 100% Cotton Hem

Our extra soft cotton hem provides additional protection for your delicate surfaces

Why use Premium 100% Cotton?

Your only other choice is a Microfiber cloth. Microfiber is a man-made fiber containing polyester (the scrubbing material) and polyamide (nylon). Usually, the Microfiber you will find in automotive sections at your local store are of the low-quality variety. Keep in mind that Microfiber for use in automotive surface care is usually manufactured to be a single use, throw away product. As soon as a Microfiber cloth is drawn once across a painted surface, it should not be used again, because the collected debris gets embedded in the cloth and will scratch the delicate surface. Before you invest money in a microfiber towel, observe the GSM number on the towel, choosing only those with a 400 number or above, split-fiber, and a composition of 70/30. If you desire high-performance and long product life, expect to pay as much as $35/each for the best quality microfiber towels.

Microfibers are NOT made from a renewable resource and are NOT biodegradable. The material used to make Microfiber are flammable and emit toxic gases when burned.

What’s the best choice? You decide.

What are Scratch Protector towels made of?

Scratch Protector brand towels are made from premium 100% Cotton, using a proprietary low-twist weave.

Is the hem 100% Cotton?

Yes, the hem is 100% cotton making it super soft. The towels are also designed without a tag to ensure only 100% cotton is touching your delicate surfaces.

How should I Care for my Scratch Protector towels?

We recommend washing the towels separately in hot water. We have found that liquid detergent provides the best results. Absolutely NO fabric softener!

Should I wash my towels before the first use?

Yes, we recommend that you wash the towels before your first use.

How long will Scratch Protector towels last?

Scratch Protector towels are durable and will last several years with proper care.

How should I store my Scratch Protector towels?

We recommend hiding your towels in a safe place when they are not in use. We have found that they will disappear if you leave them unattended.